Friday, 29 August 2014

A Cream Pie for Davina by Elizabeth x


Well Davina did say that if she ever fucked on video again it was going to be for something special and this video is VERY VERY special! No acting, no editing and the ENTIRE footage as she fucks shows the way that she loves to fuck best... Very hard , VERY rough and BAREBACK too! “THE MACHINE” gave her the hardest fucking that ANY one man had ever given her in her entire life and by the time it has finished she felt TOTALLY exhausted! He wasn't finished however and pushed her onto her back and fucked her cumming in and all over her pussy leaving a gooey mess! You are REALLY going to love this I absolutely promise you! :-) And this is just the start of a whole new video series so sit down and watch and enjoy as its been well worth the wait!

Elizabeth xxx

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Davina and the Machine by Elizabeth xxx

Davina somehow managed to find out about my latest toy and was determined to try it out. She asked my boss to help her with the the controls whilst she played with his joystick! What a noise she made as she came to orgasm , receiving a creamy facial as a reward! What a moise she made!!! Mail me for a custom movie 

Elizabeth xxx

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Movies for You!

All of my movies may be found HERE at my Clips4Sale website however you can download them directly from me at a lower price DOWNLOAD YOUR MOVIE  HERE! ..why not mail me for details?

Elizabeth xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jenny and the Young Lifeguard by Elizabeth xxx


It was only recently that Jenny became really keen on swimming at her local pool. Now I know why! Yesterday she had the nerve to invite him back to mine for coffee. It didn;t take long for them both to reach the bedroom where Jenny used all of her skills to make him explode his creamy cum all over her....Perhaps I should take up swimming lol ..Why not mail me for a custom movie? . Elizabeth xxx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Three Ladies Cum in Twenty Minutes by Elizabeth xxx

The very first time that we have appeared in a movie together! GET IT HERE! It was Davina's idea that we take it in turns to be serviced by my new toy. She thought it would be fun to see if we could each be made to cum one after another by my fuck machine.Of course our men thought that it was a wonderful idea and volunteered to take control. Davina went first, followed by Jenny then me! It really worked..all three of us were brought to orgasm in 20 minutes and 25 seconds. Who was the quickest to cum and who made the most noise do you think? Elizabeth xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Helpful Young Shop Assistant by Elizabeth xxx

       Get the movie HERE! After a long afternoon's shopping with Jenny and Davina, I decided to make one last visit to a local fashion store heavily laden with my purchases. Unbelievably I was served by a handsome young shop assistant who offered to carry my bags to the car for me. I was ever so grateful and invited him back for a coffee.Well, I had to give him something in return didn't I? I must say that his young cock took me by surprise as it kept shooting out hot creamy cum just when I thought it had ended! Can you count the jets? Elizabeth xxx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Very Naughty Jenny!

FIND THE FULL MOVIE HERE In this movie Jenny was interrupted by her gardener as she was enjoying her magazine and glass of wine. She  was ready to go out in her new lingerie. He knelt over her and Jenny released his hard cock. She was now getting really wet and pulled her knickers aside to show him her pink pussy. He couldn't resist sticking his cock in but she clearly wanted something bigger so she reached for her black dildo. He was now so turned on that he forced Jenny onto her knees and took her from behind and came all over her bottom! She wanted more and lay on her back as he finger fucked her to climax. She then teased his cock and sucked it to a second climax! What an incredible find!

Elizabeth xxx